West Hills - Target Store

In back room behind the dressing rooms is a storage area and when no one is around mysterious noises and lights appear You can heard loud music like a radio playing and voices and it is empty. They had mysterious fires in areas abrupt instantly in the store. In garden area sometimes you can see an old employee who died He walks thru the door into the store and fades away. In the receiving area you can see a worker walking around that hung himself. You see him by the area of where bicycles are stored. There was an employee who works in the food area and suddenly died. and every day for a few months around 3 pm (time she leave the store) the door alarms suddenly ring. Also a witness has seen strange things happening around her work station. There have been mysterious alarms going off power outages and even at times doors lock by them selves. When phones are turn off at night of closing they ring at times (which are located by dressing room). Sometimes you can hear footsteps and people talking on the stairwell and no one around going up to the offices up stairs. In certain areas you suddenly feel real cold and in some aisles you see things on floor after you put them back on shelves.

West Hills, California

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34.2069265, -118.6371737


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