West Covina - Galster park

This park is located on a hill with 3 entrances. It has been closed off because children have been raped and murdered there. People have seen a pathway leading to the house of the murderer. The man would take the children and rape and beat them. If you go there late at night you are able to hear the screams and the pleas of the children. A boy wearing a sweater with a massive scar on his face has been seen standing at the entrance of the first or second gate. He has been seen inviting people into the park. Telling them to come in and see what is inside. The boy has been seen at different ages one as a child and the other as an adolescent. This place is VERY real.- Extreme precautions should be taken if you dare to enter. This is no joke. a group of investigators where chased out by men carrying knives this is not a safe place to visit.

West Covina, California

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34.0422605, -117.8992682


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