Vallejo - Richardson Drive & Old Marche-Maher Ranch Area (Now Borges Ranch)

Little Boy Blue the missing Royal of France. In 1980 the authentic painting of Little Boy Blue was found in a old wore down home on Richardson Drive. The people just bought the home and the neighborhood was being rebuilt. One of the Construction Workers came across the Painting. It was Prince Louis Bonaparte Delacroix Montenegro Hollanzder of France(1879).He was going to be King. He was kidnapped at 18 years old. Right after the Royal Court painted his picture. Some say he was murdered violently still wearing his Royal Outfit. He had a met another Royal who was also kidnapped and taken here and they became boyfriend and girlfriend. The description of the ghost: Prince Louis has short dark hair combed back. He is wearing a blue army/military suit with a white collar he looks like a teenager he is a bit thin. He has blue eyes. He loves women. Some people say he was killed on his way to meet his girlfriend who lived in the Marche Mansion.(Located on the present-day Angelina Way Street).*Some people say every night since 1879 the ghost of Prince Louis kisses any women who end up moving to this street going house to house watching over them. (His ghost was the Inspiration to the Story Peter Pan)WRITTEN IN 1900.

Vallejo, California

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38.1040864, -122.2566367


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