Upland - Warp gate

Apparently when you drive into Upland from the Claremont bridge there is a place or per say a nonexistent gateway you go to the Baseline and Benson intersection the you start going up from Benson and look to the left side and you turn into an area where construction is being done except that the machines are all old and rusted and cant work anymore you turn into that field and keep going till you are in total darkness and then wait(has to be while no one is around) your surroundings start to disappear and everything goes to a purple blackish color and the only real reason people say this is because everything around that disappears including the machines. June 2008 Update: it is private property and there is construction going on more like mining and they have it closed off.

Upland, California

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Location Approximate!!! Care to correct it?

34.09751, -117.6483876


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