Simi Valley - Simi Hills Golf Course

Abandon barn were 3 people were killed. Street closed off. Said that a mom her son and her daughter lived there and the son went crazy and killed them both and then killed him self on a chair. They say the chair is still there and they say that you can still see him sitting in his chair with his gun. February 2004 Update: they are currently building now over there and they have demolished the barn itself its gone. May 2004 Update: the old barn was torn down over the summer of 2003 There have also been reports of orbs(balls of light) sighted in the areas around the inside of the barn where the murders took place. Also the old oak tree in front is now gone so there really isn?t much place to be able to tell if the ghosts are still there but the barn just got relocated not demolished there is no information on where it was relocated.

Simi Valley, California

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34.2694474, -118.781482


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