Santa Clarita - Space Ordnance Systems

Located off Highway 14 Sand Canyon exit turn right go past housing developments to locked gate. Behind this gate is the old set for filming High Chapperal (an old TV series) and an old ordnance facility that used to mix explosives for devices used in the military. The lead azide was mixed in giant Kitchen Aide type mixers in concrete mixing bays. Over the years several of the mixing bays blew up. Witnesses say they saw and heard the men screaming as they ran across the field with only their belts and shoes on the charred bodies. The facility could not keep any night shift guards because of reported screaming and lights turning on and off in locked buildings. Many employees reported being saved before their mixing bay blew up. One employee even reported not being able to open a bathroom door with no lock until the mixing bay blew up.

Santa Clarita, California

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34.3916641, -118.542586


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