Santa Clara - Sun Microsystems

February 2/20/04 around 10:00 PM there were three Phone technicians working in one of the buildings. Two men and a woman. They were running new phone lines into a phone closet. Their was a door next to the closet. The woman heard a noise & opened it. Their was a little girl with her arms opened (as to give her a hug) & the woman jumped back & fell onto the guys. When the guys looked back to see what the heck was going on they saw the ghost as well. Immediately they took off running. The Buildings power was off & just the two guys had flash lights. They ran so fast they left the woman behind to fend for herself. She really freaked out trying to find an exit in the dark. This was a VERY scary moment for all of them & when she finally made it out security was there to assist her. Security had heard from the men once they arrived outside of a ghostly presence. When asked to finish their job by their employer they absolutely refused to ever go back!

Santa Clara, California

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37.3541079, -121.9552356


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