San Gabriel - San Gabriel Civic Auditorium

The San Gabriel Civic Auditorium s past is very long and there are many stories of hauntings. Back was being built underground tunnels were built under the length of the building. They were built so that the owner (nicknamed Uncle John) could go from backstage to the foyer. When Uncle John died the tunnels went unused for years and when the depression came those tunnels were used as catacombs to house dead bodies. Once they were filled the catacombs were sealed. In the men s restroom in the front there is a door. When you open that door there is just a brick wall. When a crew tried to breach the wall they got five feet and there was still brick. Why would some one seal a tunnel in more than five feet of brick? No one will ever know unless the try to breach it again. Now to the stories. There is a drop that was preserved because it was the only remaining drop from the original stage. Some times during the Temple City High School musical that drop swings unintentionaly. There is no wind and no one ever touched that drop. A psychic was brought in and they said they saw a man swing on the drop. Another story is that there are TV monitors on stage left that broadcast what is being shown on stage. In 2003 and there during the Music Man there was a person seen in the second story window on one of the houses. Many stage crew tech crew and actors saw this man on the TV monitor. Also many of the audience saw this man too. The problem with this is that there is no way for a man to be standing in the second story window because there is no ledge or anything for him to stand on. The man was later recognized as Uncle John. There are also stories of a little girl who roams the halls and a old stage manager who roams the halls at night.

San Gabriel, California

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