San Francisco - Safeway

Located in the middle of San Francisco SAFEWAY between 17th avenue and Taraval. There were recent sightings by employees that a young boy was sighted in the empty hallways leading to the storage room. The time was around 12:00 am closing time. The employees even a customer saw a young male at the age around 7-10 walking slowly towards them but from a distance. One of the employees claimed to see the young spirit sitting beside some crates with his head down and his arms covering his knees. The customer simply believed that he saw someone standing on the corner at the end of the hallway facing against the wall. He wanted to use the nearby restroom before he saw the figure. All visions of his spirit were blurry because they said that there was lack of lighting inside the location. Rumors are that the building was once a motel in the mid 1900s until it was burnt down because the owner had money problems with local gang members; however the presence of the young boy is still a mystery.

San Francisco, California

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37.7763958, -122.3942082


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