San Francisco - Cameron House

Located on Sacramento St. in Chinatown San Francisco. Once owned by Lady Cameron the basement of the house was a refuge for Chinese immigrant from lives of prostitution and slavery among the obvious discrimination and hell that was once Chinatown. She sealed the doors in the basement to protect the immigrants from inspections by the police. If she cant open the doors they cant inspect and then arrest and possibly kill the rooms of people. However the people were able to come in and out through a secret passageway. Apparently rumors spread about her philanthropy and some people came and burned down the house. Everyone in the rooms died. Now the restored Cameron House (turned church) sends chills up spines. The basement doors are still sealed but every door contains a red charm and a gold charm to seal in the spirits as well. Furthermore the pipes that run along the ceiling run to the end of the hall forming an X over a door with the script: do not enter. Photographs taken in the house have shown white figures in the background. Supposedly these photos are nonchalantly mingled in with normal ones and kept in photo albums at the site. This possibly happened around the 1930s or so. It might be the late 1800s or the early 1900s. Most likely early 1900s.

San Francisco, California

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