San Dimas - Raging Waters

Many employees have experienced in park phones ringing at all hours of the night. Most of the time they come from the Wave Cove attraction. The line is usually static and upon investigation security guards have found the phone hanging and swinging as if just dropped. Some guards have reported hearing the voice of a young girl asking for help. Night guards have also experienced their names being called while walking through the upper pavilion food court and heard footsteps as if someone is running up from behind them. Nothing has even been reported being seen but always audible. Several years ago a small girl drowned in the Wave Cove. This is believed to be the spirit that makes herself known. September 2004 correction: A little girl drowned in the Wave Pool (many others also did that is why you cannot go out swimming in it unless you have a tube) and she was sent to first aide. Where the freezer storage for the lower plaza food area is happens to be where first aide used to be located. This place is called The Dungeon. People say that they have seen a girl in there and they are afraid to go back there.

San Dimas, California

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34.0856204, -117.8114961


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