San Diego - Villa Montezuma

On K Street near Barrio Logan. Built in 1887 for a musician named Jesse Shepherd. The house has a very dark heavy feeling. After Jesse Shepherds death the house went through a succession of owners all of which claimed bad things happened to them while in possession of the house. Shepherd had once enjoyed wealth and fame but at the end of his life he was very poor and emotionally unstable. The house is said to be haunted by Shepherd himself and an elderly widow who previously owned the house. She is seen looking out of the window in one of the towers. Reason for Shepherd?s haunting said to be the fact that Shepherd was known for being able to channel famous piano players while playing and was once reported to be playing Mozart with one hand and Chopin with the other. It is believed that while channeling the great composers he channeled some negative energy into the house. Beautiful stained glass portraying pictures of famous composer writers and artists. In some of these hair seems to be turning gray and beards seem to be growing. Strong presence is felt and reports of seeing scenes the past (1800s some time). It feels like something was actually looking out the window through your eyes. It was a very uncomfortable evil feeling. There are tours in this place.

San Diego, California

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