San Diego - Lake Morena Campground

Across from one of the campsites in a wooded area there appears the ghost of a young woman in a long white dress. There is a cold and eerie presence near the boulders that lie beneath the trees and her apparition has been seen on two occasions by two different men. The first sighting occurred on a warm July night around 9:00 p.m. A group was setting up camp when one of the men ventured over to the dark area and found the young lady looking at him. He was startled and turned away. When he turned back she had vanished but he could still feel her presence. The second sighting occurred around 3:00 a.m. a couple of days later. Another man from the same group of campers got out of his tent after being awakened from a deep sleep by an unknown presence. He looked over his tent and saw the lady pacing. She stopped looked right at his face then continued to pace as if she were waiting for someone. The man went to wake up his friends but by the time he woke anyone she had vanished. Not being able to sleep after the sighting he decided to stay awake with another camper and start a campfire. In the distance they could hear the voice of a woman laughing and singing. There seemed to be no explanation for it at that time of the morning. On other occasions the same campers have heard heavy footsteps around their tents during the night that do not fade as if someone were walking away but simply lift and disappear. In a photo taken of one of the campers in this area there appears a large orb floating right next to him.

San Diego, California

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32.6826768, -116.5169483


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