Salinas - old stage road

Old stage road has been known for many hauntings. It runs right outside of Salinas and goes through the back roads of King city. One of the most infamous stories that have been passed down was back in the late 1800s or early 1900s there was a woman that was walking along side the road and there was a man who asked her for a ride and she accepted it. After a couple of minutes passed by he pulled over and savagely attacked and raped her. After this horrendous act he took the body out into the fields and decapitated her. Then he went out threw the head into the fields and left the body. After that there was sightings of a woman walking down the road holding her own head or you see a woman walking and if someone picks her up shell sit there for a moment and then vanishes right where the crime occurred.

Salinas, California

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