Sacramento - Sacramento Room of the Central Library

Sometimes it feels & sounds like someone is at the back of the room in the California section. The staff often hears the sound of Mylar rustling most of the time it sounds like someone shelving or pulling out books. Also sounds like someone is in the copy room when no is back there. There will be a staff member look for a book & they will not find it the shelf then another staff person will look for it & the book will not be there then another will look & it will be there. They have had up to four people looking then someone will finally find it in its proper place the exact place everyone else has looked several times! 2 witnesses heard & saw one of the glass doors [700s] close. The doors sometimes swing open naturally & but never close! One employee working in the office a little before 7 a.m. and heard the wooden shutters on the door leading into the copy machine area rattle. Thinking it was a custodian entering he initally paid it no mind until he realized he had not heard the front door which was locked open. Acquainted with the stories surrounding the Sacramento Room and having had prior experiences in the building he wasnt surprised to discover no one there. A complete walk through the room found it completely empty! Subsequent conversation with custodian Caroline revealed that no employee had been in that area at that time.

Sacramento, California

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38.5815719, -121.4943996


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