Riverside - Castle Park

Many employees have reported seeing a lady in a white dress in the ride park as well as one employee being physically pushed inside the Big Top restaurant. Sightings also include a spirit standing on the balcony above the Plaza Cafe. This spirit reportedly flew across to the trees when the employee looked up at it. The last experience was inside the arcade after hours. Reportedly an unseen spirit opened and closed the door by prize counter several times when there was no one around. This incident was heard and not seen. Strangely enough all sightings and experiences are by males and the spirits are reportedly female. No actual harm was done by the spirits. This area of land from the Tyler Mall to La Sierra Blvd was an old Indian Burial Ground. In addition to what you already know about the park a former employee also had an experience in the railroad trac ks tunnel in the park. After hours when all the guests are gone the cafe would close. when any of the employees would be sent to toss away the trash in the far end of the parking lot they would have to go in pairs. Reason being is because when you cross the tracks near the cafe you can see the silhouettes of Indian women walking around. Sometimes you can also see what appears to be a fire burning in the far corner but when you go to check it out it dims away.

Riverside, California

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