Redondo Beach - Redondo Union High School

There have been many sightings of a ghost named Jake in the High schools Auditorium he died there in the 1940s. There are also footsteps that are supposed to be from Jake walking up the wall. There have been loud knocks on the walls when no one is on the other side of them lights turning on and off and sightings and sounds from a staircase leading up to the sound booth. Some other happenings in the auditorium are paper airplanes falling from the catwalk and landing directly center stage. Students experienced cold chills in one of the staircases leading up to the sound/light booth. Keys that had been lost several years before at some other high school had fallen from nowhere next to the owner of them at RUHS. Another guy has died in that auditorium about a year ago when he had a heart attack while visiting the bathroom. No known experiences have occurred in the mens bathroom yet except that his blood is still stained into the grommet of the tile.

Redondo Beach, California

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