Ojai - Creek Road

Theres 4 ghosts here that roam this road. One is a guy they call Chairman because he is burnt to a crisp. They say he stalks the road seeking revenge on who ever killed him. The 2nd ghost is a woman who rides her horse down the road recklessly till she comes to the curve where the horse rears up & she falls breaks her neck & dies instantly. This is on the anniversary of her death & the scene replays till daybreak. The 3rd is a woman hitch hiking down the road in her blood soaked wedding dress. No one knows who she is or why she was killed on her wedding day or why she hitch hikes this road. The final ghost is of a motorcyclist who rides down the windy road at break neck speeds & navigates wonderfully considering hes headless.

Ojai, California

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34.4377721, -119.2480258


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