Niles - Niles Canyon Road

A young woman whos last name was Lowerey was on her way to a wedding possibly her own. Riding in a horse drawn carriage near the way stop of Scotts Corners (between Pleasanton and Sunol CA. Area is now Highway 84/680) she was thrown from the carriage when the horses were spooked by the first of two oncoming horseless carriages (car). After she was thrown the 2nd car struck her. Miss Lowerey became the first person to ever be killed by an automobile in this area. Many have seen a woman in white by the cemetery and near by areas accompanied with strange lights. November update: A paranormal researcher found theres quite an extensive collection of newspaper clippings that was donated to the library by a journalist. The clippings go back to the turn of the 20th century so they cover the period when the accident happened. According to the first journalist to report on the supposed haunting about ten years after the date in the 1920s when the woman was popularly held to have died there was no mention of anyone dying in an accident in the canyon and county records of the time listed no account of the body of anyone who had supposedly died in Niles Canyon. There was in the early 50s a young man who dressed in a white sheet and jumped out in front of motorists near one of the bridges on Halloween. He scared someone so bad that they immediately drove to the nearest phone and called the police who arrived in force (owing to the legend of the white witch) and drew guns on what they thought was the ghost. The young man was almost shot though he was not arrested but he had to be taken to a coffee shop where it took him until 2am to calm down sufficiently to go home. The supposed white witch of Niles actually follows the scenario of a common fake ghost story that being the hitchhiking ghost story. The Niles ghost is most commonly said to hitchhike to one of the bridges in the area where she disappears at the tollbooth. There is no cemetery that they know of in Sunol which is at the top of Niles Canyon Rd. Similarly; there is no Morrison Canyon ghost. Morrison Canyon road is a primarily one-lane road that leads up to the 680 freeway. Theres even a radar-testing facility up there somewhere complete with life-size wire models of helicopters and planes mostly upside down. Now on the OTHER side of the coin there ARE photographs of orbs in Mission San Joses church and in the graveyard though the investigator does not own them. The church the cemetery and the grounds are VERY active.

Niles, California

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