Los Angeles - Occidental College- Erdman Hall

A room in the center front side of the of the 2nd floor of the Erdman Residence Hall at Occidental College is haunted by two spirits. One of a young person who plays friendly tricks on the living in order to solicit their attention and friendship. The playful spirit has been known to turn the water faucets on and off (not a plumbing problem the knobs have been seen turning on their own) the lights are tuned on and off the chain on the door is taken on and off and written messages are found on the walls. The other spirit is a dark and heavy presence that resides in one of the rooms two closets. This dark being can be felt late at night typically when a person is trying to sleep it has been described as a large dark man who stands by the door and watches as you sleep. It is clearly not friendly but it does no more than make its presence felt. No explanation has been offered as to the source of these spirits but they are accompanied by a few other manifestations in other parts of the building (but are concentrated in this particular room).

Los Angeles, California

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