Los Angeles - Elysian Park

Throughout the park there have been sightings dating back to before Dodger Stadium and even before the 110 Fwy went through there. Many families lived and died in the hills and valleys in this green area just north of downtown L.A. The story of the White Lady is about a woman who drowned her children in the river and wanders the park crying for them. Other versions of the White Lady story include visions of headless dogs near the sighting of the White Lady. Human figures have seen entering the tunnel under the 110 fwy at Solano Ave. but not emerging on the other side. In the Lodge area light flicker along the hillsides. Street lights often go on and off when couples park under them at night and talk about the spirits in the park. Elysian Park hosts Dodger Stadium which removed many long time residents whose families dated back to colonial times. The anger of these forcefully r emoved families or the return of spirits to the beauty of the area are the fuel for the legends. On the eastside of the park there was a cemetery that was dug up for the construction of the 110 and Cathedral High School which has its own stories of unexplained events.

Los Angeles, California

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