Los Angeles - City Industry- Puente Hills Mall

Reports of phenomenon happen inside the corridors. Voices being heard during the graveyard shifts. Lights flickering on and off during the night hours. Noises coming from the ceiling like someone was climbing threw the air shafts. Cold spots inside some of the corridors. A suicide happen in 2004 in the lower level womens restroom by Sears. She shot herself in the head. Sightings of a dark image inside the corridors and restrooms mirror where the suicide took place. AMC theaters sightings of children seen running thru the walls. Robinsons May motion censers security alarm goes off for no apparent reasons. We thought it was mice or rats running around. Exterminator was hired. He said there were no signs of rats or mice inside.

Los Angeles, California

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34.0522342, -118.2436849


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