Los Angeles - Boyle Heights- Roosevelt High School

R Building biggest from all the rest and the building is 3 stories high and it long a couple decades ago the building wasnt 3 stories high it was four and it was to believe that there was a fire and some student died...heres the story three students were in a class room and it was a dance night in Roosevelt and one of the students was spying on his girlfriend because he believed that she was cheating on him so he was just looking out the window down into the other students and his other friends the ones inside the classroom with him left and one of them was smoking a cigarette and when he was going out the door he threw the cigarette in the trash and the whole floor burned and one student died the one that was looking out the window and thats what people believe that cause the to this day teachers claim that when they stay late at night in the 3rd floor of the R building they will hear footsteps doors opening and closing and TVs turning on and off by themselves and the same with the auditorium its apart of the R building as well...some students will say that theyll hear claps and whispers when trying to skip classes eventually run out of there.

Los Angeles, California

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