La Puente - Puente Hills Mall AMC

workers claim to see little kids running around the theater and then they suddenly vanish into thin air. Update & a little background info: The Puente Hills Mall AMC theater was attached to the mall until 1996 The Broadway Department Store was known by employees to be very haunted. On the third floor stock workers were frightened by music coming from a locked and empty stockroom and the area of the freight elevator was quite simply a terrifying place for me to work in. Workers had feelings of panic and chills. On the second floor employees heard their names called by someone unseen (this was a very common occurrence experienced even by non-believers) clothing would swing on racks as though someone were walking between the racks cool breezes and the sound of breathing were felt and heard in the stockrooms of the Children s Department and several times before the store opened employees heard the sounds of someone straightening the racks in the Lingerie department and see two legs wearing black pants standing behind a tall fixture (on which were hung bathrobes etc.) but the sounds and legs disappeared when they went to see who was working. All of this occurred both before during and after store hours. Also in the second floor freight area they would see people passing the door of the room in which they were working but no one was present when they checked the hallway. This too was a common activity. The first floor had similar activities but employees working after hours in the freight dock would see what we thought were customers passing the windows of the dock doors but when investigated the store was empty. One dock guy quit after he experienced this a couple of times. The store was closed and torn down in 1996 and the theater was built. Reportedly only one person ever died on the store property: a manager had a heart attack while at work and died while they were loading her into the ambulance. A child was severely injured once while playing on the escalator from the second to the first floor and his blood stains had soaked into the tile at the foot of the escalator and remained until the store was destroyed.

La Puente, California

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