Grass Valley - the Round Room

proceed past the fairgrounds 5 miles to the dump left on next road (Wolf Mountain) and take it to a 1/4 mile before you see it dead end at the top of the mountain sharp left on short dirt driveway you will reach the round room. Supposedly an old water tank this place has been a local legend for many years. Cold spots and apparitions reported. The acoustics inside will amaze you. Story goes that Dr. Anton LaVey (founder of church of Satan) moved his commune here in the late sixties and held s?ances and rituals in this room for several years. All inquiries made by the submitter of this haunted place to validate this through the church of Satan were denied and was told they had no knowledge of such events. However the locals that have been here forever swear it to be true. Whatever the veracity of its history may be the round room has a deep and pervading negative prese nce and be careful there have been several murders there over the years reportedly by people in white robes. Blood found but no bodies. Truth taken to the grave. please be safe.

Grass Valley, California

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