Fontana - BIG LOTS

formerly Pic N Save stores This is the BIG LOTS store located off Sierra and Foothill Blvd. this store is haunted by several ghost or spirits. Many employees claim to have experienced hearing noises in the mens and womens restrooms things like something falling on the floor while being inside the one toilet stall and no one else inside the restroom and also the lights being flicked off by them selves inside the restroom while in use. There have also been noises and voices heard coming from the break room when the lights are off and no one is in there. Another area which is considered to be the area with the most activity is the stock room or warehouse in there several voices have been heard and noises of things falling inside and things like a former employee who was taking the trash to the back claims she walked into the warehouse and the light was turned off and as she was walking back out she felt something or someone pull her hair out of the bun when she walked out of there her hair was all messed up and her face was pale that was her last night working there. Several employees claim to be scared or nervous of walking into the warehouse at night. All these things happen at night when the store is closed and employees are cleaning up or late at night when graveyard employees are there. Non of the managers will support these accusations.

Fontana, California

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