Fallbrook - Fallbrook High School

Recently Fallbrook Union High School weft through a thorough remodeling. Guess what made the front page news? A gravesite of what is believed to be a native Indian Chiefs grave was uncovered just to the right of the new library building. This happened in September 1999. Since then at night there have been numerous sightings of an orb or orbs howls in the wind the sight of a pack of coyotes running from the area towards the ditch just past the portable buildings even sightings of a teepee. In 2002 there were 14 reports of smoke on campus. Never was there a fire. No one has been hurt by anything a couple was shaken up by a pack of coyotes one night after the 2004 Sadie Hawkins dance though.

Fallbrook, California

There are 1050 Haunts nearby

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33.3764196, -117.2511466


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