Echo Park - Charlie Chaplin Mansion

This affluent house sits upon a hill overlooking Echo Park. It resides a neighborhood called Hathaway Hills. The story behind the house is that Charlie Chaplin used to own the house and sold it for whatever reason? In any case a man moved in with his family. And soon after the house would lead to his and his familys demise. He came home from work one afternoon and killed his mother his wife and children. People describe the house as a spooky and haunting location. Curious kids went to the house and saw the same Mercedes Benz crashed into the garage with police tape stuck to the side of the house and front porch. It has been reported that one can see a mirage of the grandmother and hear the children screaming. There have been other reports of eerie sounds and sightings of wild animals for example a lion. Lastly the house has a dark side and lighter sid e. Today one can see a single window with a table lamp on shining noticeably. The house is an old Victorian style also it looks like the Psycho house used in the actual film.

Echo Park, California

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34.0792, -118.258


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