Diamond Bar - Diamond Bar High School

Theres a hallways in the center of the school widely known to the students as "rape hall". Though the school denys to the student that it happened there, the was quite a few years back a dance held on campus. A cheerleader and her boyfriend snuck away to have some private time when he forced her down the stairs the the dead end in the middle of rape hall. It a little self explanitory what happpened though after they dont know what happened to the girl. Her boyfriend returned to the dance looking for her and she disappeared. Some say he murdered her some say she ran away but who knows. All that we know is that anyone who passes through that hallway gets a weird feeling. Additionally the shool does deny the rape ever occuring or the students attendance there and yet the year after it supposedly "didnt happen" the school dance stopped being held at the dexide what happened.

Diamond Bar, California

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34.0286226, -117.8103367


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