Cypress - Cypress College Photo Department

A benevolent wraith called Photy lives in the main darkroom most often seen standing by the northern-western-most enlarger. Usually the most sensitive students see his outline which appears lighter than the surroundings. Sometimes moving into the photo-finishing room after closing and violently shaking the pictures hanging from the wall. Students report a feeling of calm and well-being during sightings. A marked change from the early days of the apparition when meter readings would be thrown off and equipment would explode in the studio. Students reported have also reported wildly unlikely results in the color and black and white darkrooms. It all began in the late 80s when a student brought in a human skull with a bullet hole in it to photograph in studio 3. One night the chair of the department was alone late at night and heard pounding on the stockroom d oor when there was no one there to pound

Cypress, California

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33.8169599, -118.0372852


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