Corona - Marie Callenders

There are many stories one night in the kitchen area a few of the workers were doing side work and a few others were in the bar after closing and a big metal pie cutter flew off a shelf onto the counter on the opposite side of the room a few feet away. There were now many witnesses who believed that strange things were occurring at our store. Servers reported trays flying at their heads in the dishwashers area and salt and peppershakers once empty were full. The spookiest always happened to the vendors who cleaned the restaurant. The carpets would be cleaned on a monthly basis and they would always come in pairs. Something would always happen strange sounds floating balloons TVs being turned on etc. All of these things could be explained by scientific methods: electric currents and helium filled balloons losing air. Whatever was going on in that building after the emplo yees left was bad enough that the carpet cleaners would never come alone. On the occasions that they would come alone they would come right at closing and be done before we would finish closing the store. On one occasion a lone carpet cleaner decided he would do it by himself after the employees left the building saying that all the stories were hogwash. The next morning the opening manager found him in his truck in the parking lot with all of his carpet cleaning materials left inside of the building. He refused to step foot into the restaurant and complete the job. He wanted to get his equipment and get out. Seems while he was in the building the entities played with him more than they played with any one else. As he was shampooing the carpets things were being written by a nonexistent finger in the soap chairs were moved in the dining room and salt and peppershakers flew at him. The carpet guys from then on always came promptly at closing and no one was left alone in th e building.

Corona, California

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