Corona - J J Live Oak Steakhouse

February 2004 Update: formerly listed as El Cerrito Live Oak Inn As the story goes back in 1988 a young waitress named Michelle was strangled to death and left in the trunk of an old car behind the back patio of the inn. Rumor has it that although the dishwasher is still doing time for her murder it was actually the cook that committed the crime. Regardless of who killed Michelle and why she still haunts Live Oak. The new owner doesnt mind and comments that People say she is a really nice girl and even shy. He has never seen her but has had many complaints from customers that she continually flushes toilets close to closing time. Perhaps even more spine tingling than Michelles story is the fact that in the Inns earlier days people were often hung from the twisted oak tree in front. If you look closely you can see the tree growing arou nd an old noose!!!- February 2004 additional info ? a bartender / waitress reports she is a witness to the rumors of Michelle the ghost and of the old owner Larry who shot himself in the office. She has worked there for almost a year and Michelle has stopped flushing the toilet and started ringing the food bell constantly during all hours. She has seen shadows of her out of the corner of her eye when she is there alone. one of the cooks sons talks to the ghost but it is supposed to be a secret and he cant tell us who he is talking to. he also sees a man in black who walks around. the noose is visible in the tree and she says she has touched it to see what it was made of. it was almost rope like wire and it is grown into the tree.

Corona, California

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