Bellflower - Bellflower High School

Its reported that back in the 60s in room B-1 on the West side of the campus a Female student named Kaytlin killed a skinny boy in the class after he called her Chicken Head. She made him drink a soda filled with rat poison. After he passed out she tied him to a desk and started to cut up his body so she could stuff him in a cabinet in the room. At that time the room was used for storage and his body rotted in there over the long hot summer break. When the next school year started his body was found by a custodian that was cleaning the room. The hauntings that have been reported include the overwhelming smell of rotting flesh and blood stains appearing and disappearing on the floor. Some of the Teachers that have used this room that is now a classroom have reported seeing body parts in the cabinets that also disappear.

Bellflower, California

There are 1050 Haunts nearby

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33.8816818, -118.1170117


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