Arroyo Garnde - Rose Victorian Inn- The Tower Room

Although it is no longer a hotel but a wedding/special events business the building is still the same. The tower room of this three-story pink mansion is thought to be inhabited by the ghost of a 9-year-old girl named Alice. She has been spotted on more than one occasion and guests of the inn have heard the girl laughing according to Ghosts of the Haunted Coast by Richard L. Senate. In his book Senate said that a psychic was taken to the inn not knowing of the rumored ghost and spotted her as she walked up the staircase. She said the girl had pigtails and was wearing a long dress with a small apron. Apparently the ghost likes cats.. The owners told the psychic later that they had discovered a number of cats sleeping near the window in the tower.

Arroyo Garnde, California

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35.1185868, -120.5907252


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