Amboy - Amboy School

The teachers and students have experienced someone coming in the front door but when they look out into the hall from the classroom there is no one there. Also on windless days the swings out on the back playground would swing on their own. Down in the gym at night when students play basketball items would relocate themselves. A broom standing against the wall would be seen standing against another wall. This of course went unseen by the students until they looked to see the broom was in a new location. The teacher working down in the school at night on numerous occasions experienced something watching her. One night she had to abandon her lesson preparations and hurry out of the classroom. It was said that several Indians working on the nearby railroad (1868) died and that their ghosts roam the town. The school was closed in 1999.

Amboy, California

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34.5577721, -115.7444411


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