Alhambra - Scripps Kensington

This is a retirement home with its own church cemetery and about 200 residents. A former employee who used to work in the kitchen as one of three supervisors. Reports in the three years that they worked their they saw all types of unexplainable things. At one point seven of many of the staff saw what looked like a hazy white long sleeve shirt with no head or legs wondering around in the library as if looking for a book. When they turned the lights on it just disappeared and a few minutes after the lights were turned off it came back. But the scariest encounter they had was when they saw a 10 lb frying pan come off its hook and get thrown towards them with no one anywhere near. Many there have stories with ghosts or things that they just couldnt explain.

Alhambra, California

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34.095287, -118.1270146


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