Mesa - MesaThe Landmark Restaurant

The wood carving of a lady in the womens restroom turns the faucets on and off. Servers hear their names being called from the front station voices of women have been heard in the downstairs hallway late at night and track lighting in the downstairs hallway have blown up. It is said that the second step from the downstairs going up is haunted. May 2008 Updates 1) the statue in the women?s restroom has been removed. 2) The faucets in both restrooms are motion censored. 3) the 2nd step there is a cold feeling but then again their is a a/c vent directly over head..4) The lighting in the lower level about it bursting was from an electrical problem from old wiring ..This was a statement from the management.

Mesa, Arizona

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33.4222685, -111.8226402


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