Huachuca Military Reservation - Huachuca Military ReservationFort Huachuca

Carleton House One downstairs room was the morgue for the hospital. Things stacked and placed in this room are unaccountably scattered all over the place shortly afterwards. Things hanging on the walls fall crashing to the floor because the nails holding them are pulled out of the wall by an invisible force. Doorbells ring so persistently for no observable reason that occupants of the house disconnect them. Many residents and neighbors have seen the whitish apparition of a woman moving through the house and standing at the front door. One corner of a room which was a ward in the original hospital stays markedly colder than all other parts of the house regardless of the weather. The corner contains a chandelier that seems to refuse to operate at night but functions just fine in the daylight.

Huachuca Military Reservation, Arizona

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33.7391571, -110.4262088


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