Glendale - GlendaleArizona State University- West Campus-Las Casas Dorms

In spring of 2007 residents living in this room have witnessed random items falling off of shelves and objects moving. One resident experienced a wide open door slam shut in front of her and no one else was in the room with her. Another student almost asleep was startled when her bed started to shake uncontrollably for unknown reasons. An additional roommate reported her name being called from the kitchen when other roommates were away on break. In fall of 2007 after new students had moved into this room they experienced things falling off of shelves as well. In addition the mailbox keys randomly stop working. After locks have been replaced the keys will work for a short period of time then stop working all together. In 2002 the dorms were in their last stage of completion and ready to have students move into them. However six months before move-in the dormitory mysteriously burnt to the ground. By fall of 2003 the dorm had been rebuilt to its current state.

Glendale, Arizona

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