Tazlina - TazlinaTazlina Lodge

The Tazlina Lodge is not in use anymore. Long ago a man had a stand-off with the police at the lodge. He stayed on the third floor. He died in the stand-off and his spirit is said to be there still. Back in the 1950s a family worked there as housekeepers. They experienced a lot of ghost activity at the three-story lodge. About five years ago a family went on a tour of the lodge. It was a very warm summer day. They headed up the stairs looking at the rooms. They were aware of the reported hauntings and they were scared. As they got closer to the third floor the air got very cold(remember it was a very warm day outside). They went to the room where the man died long ago on the third floor. They dont know if it was a setup by the hotel owner but there was a very dusty wooden chair in the room. It had an imprint on it that looked as if someone sat on it recently. There was a smell of smoke from a cigarette in the small room. The owner told them that the ghost often likes to smoke in the room.

Tazlina, Arkansas

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35.20105, -91.8318334


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