Russellville - RussellvilleArkansas Tech University- Caraway Hall

People have reported noises in the attic footsteps on the stairs and whispering in the hallways. The structure is built on top of an old Cherokee Indian Burial Site. The mounds were disturbed when groundwork was being done for the foundation. December 2005 Correction: A girl committed suicide in a room. If you go by (its right in front of Watta-Burger which is famous in Arkansas) the front of the building you can see that on the second floor right in the middle there?s a window bricked out. The girl was either having family problems or boyfriend problems and hung herself out of the window so that she would be in front of the doors in the morning. There?s also a story that she hung herself in the closet but the closets really aren?t big enough at Tech for that. The room is cut in half. One half is blocked of f and the other is used as a storage space. They even expanded the room to make it a three-person room to fit all the girls in. Things like water leaking from the ceiling occur in all the rooms around it from time to time. It?s just a very eerie building. Also every once in a while the power will shut off in the building.

Russellville, Arkansas

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