Magnolia - MagnoliaSouthern Arkansas University- Bussey Hall

A female student hung herself in a room inside this hall in the 1950s. November 2004 Update/ additional information: This building had four floors plus an attic. It is said that two girls had died here. One had hung herself in her closet and the other fell down the elevator shaft. The shaft still exists but the doors had been welded shut. There was a window in the attic that you could see from outside. It was almost a habit that you had to look up at the attic at night as you came in. Sometimes the light would be on sometimes it would be off. The dorm director was the only one who was supposed to have the key and there was very little cause for anyone to go to the attic. The odd things that happened usually occurred on the 4th floor. One girl was an RA (Resident Assistant) on the 4th floor. As such she had a room to herself. She stated that one night she was asleep when as she put it You know that sensation you get when someone else is in the room with you? You dont have to see or hear them but you KNOW someone else is there. That is the feeling she had. Her back was to the door. She said that she felt the edge of the bed go down as it would if someone sat on it. She was too scared to move scream or do anything. After a little bit she felt the edge raise up as if the individual had stood up and then the feeling went away. She got up and checked her door. It was still locked. No one could have come into her room without unlocking the door. There were several who stated that the volume of their TV or stereo would go up and down on their own. One couple stated that they were down the hall visiting when all of a sudden their stereo began blasting away. Another said that they had a loaf of bread that was sitting on the windowsill. For some unknown reason it decided to m ove to the middle of the floor.

Magnolia, Arkansas

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