Jonesboro - JonesboroThe Forum Theatre

Rumor has it that the theatre is haunted by a spirit named Charlie. During the most recent summer musical there were various sightings of the mischievous ghost. A techie was cleaning up the dressing rooms when she heard a young man laughing gleefully as if playing a game. Upon further inspection she found that there was no one in the theatre let alone downstairs with her. One of the lead actors was running lines in the upper level when the sound of a man?s voice began echoing. At first she thought it was one of the other actors but all of the male actors at that rehearsal were onstage at that time. Before a performance a few people involved in the production went to the theatre to set up. They decided they needed to turn on the lights from the lighting booth so they headed upstairs to do it. About halfway up the lights suddenly came on. The techies ran up to find nob ody up there. They shrugged it off and headed downstairs. But as they reached the bottom of the stairs the lights went off again. A bit frightened they went back upstairs and still no one was there. This went on a couple more times before the techies shut the system down and turned it on themselves.

Jonesboro, Arkansas

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