Red Level - Consolation Church

The church is no longer used because of Banshees. If you sit inside of the gates you can hear Confederate soldiers marching. There is an outhouse in the back of the church and if you go inside by yourself the door will shut behind you and lock. You can only get out if someone comes and lets you out. There have also been tales of possession. When you are leaving playing with a ball. If he rolls it to you and you pick it up and give it back you are going to die. Also while you are driving back out the driveway there is a little girl that is skipping down the road. Your car will not go past her. If you try to go past her your car will stop and you have to wait for her to get ahead of you to go. Also if you overstay your welcome

Red Level, Alabama

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31.4071111, -86.6121861


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