Montevallo - Montevallo Middle School

Aka The Old Prentice High School.
When there was still segregation Montevallo had two high schools. They were called Montevallo High School and Montevallo Negro High School or Prentice High School. The principle at the Negro school was called Mr. Prentice. He had a great life. He was very sweet and was known as someone who always checked on things. Time began to get tough on Mr. Prentice because of segregation. So he hung himself in the girls locker room. He still haunts that room. You know hes there if you hear a little chuckle! A young girl recently saw him in 2001. She claimed that someone was walking out of a wall! Sometimes doors open by themselves where his office was! The students claim hes just checking on things.

Montevallo, Alabama

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33.1006746, -86.8641558


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