Jacksonville - Dump Road

Dump Road is an unofficial name given to a section of the old Chief Ladiga Indian trail located at the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. The modern name ?Dump Road? was given because of the trash dumped illegally up on the mountain by local people. This trail was traveled on by early settlers in the 1800s. The road is above the unmarked neighborhood called a paved section was completed going up the hill to the old road. It was supposed to be an expansion of the subdivision but was never completed in the 1980s. It hasnt been confirmed but it?s rumored that the contractor responsible for developing the neighborhood had a bad experience on the old road and never completed the subdivision. There are power poles set but no lines. Since then it is frequented by teens looking to park at night camp

Jacksonville, Alabama

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33.8137125, -85.7613536


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