Dora - Old Dora

Old Dora has a street that once a long time ago was the center of town. The town itself was built around the railroad tracks and depot. Many stores and businesses lined this street. There was a church and many homes in the surrounding area. A cement tunnel gave pedestrians an inlet to the town under the railroad tracks. The roads are still a remembrance of older days made of old concrete and stone. Many people met their demise in Dora when racism was still the norm a black man was accused of stealing a horse from a local resident and was sentenced to die by hanging from a nearby train trestle. It is said that the very second the man?s neck broke the horse was found in a farm just outside of town. When the moon is full you can just barely make out the silhouette of a man dangling from the trestle. And if you listen really close you can still hear the mournful moans of his wife in the adjacent forest.

Dora, Alabama

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