Mobile - Bayview Bridge

It is said that a woman has been seen walking across the bridge in her wedding dress. She ran away from her wedding and when she was driving away her car ran off the bridge.

April 2012 Edit:

The story is that the girl was having her wedding dress made by a woman in Bayview. The night she went to pick it up she was walking home and was attacked by a pack of wild dogs and killed.


May 2012 Edit:

I grew up in the 1950's/'60's ... the real story is a young woman is seen walking back and forth over this bridge, into the lake looking for her deceased child ... both she and the infant were knocked into the water by a passing truck; both drowned ..

Mobile, Alabama

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Source: Word of mouth

Location should be good!!!

30.689592619489144, -88.08975219726562


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