Sitka - SitkaRookies Corner The Old Kiksaadi Corner

A woman was struck and killed on the blind corner outside this well known watering hole in southeast Alaska. It used to be known as the Kik or Kiksaadi club but now it is Rookies a sports bar. The story is that the woman left the bar and was extremely drunk. She tried to wander into town on her own which was a common thing in this small town. Often a cab could be flagged or someone who knew you would pick you up along the way. She staggered onto the road on the blind corner and was literally run over by a young man who had been drinking as well and driving a truck. She was so drunk that she actually got up despite the terrible traumatic wounds that she had received. She weaved about screaming and dying not fully aware of what had happened to her. There were several witnesses to this tragedy since the bar was closing. Hundreds of people were aroun d climbing into their vehicles and gathering for an after hours party. It was a horrific scene. Since then there have been stories of an apparition of the woman seen on that blind corner weaving in and out of the road. She supposedly has appeared to people who are driving under the influence of alcohol prompting even brave men to park on the side of the road and flag a cab. Also there are stories that in the early pre-dawn hours terrible moans and death cries can be heard in the same area. The cries seem to be emanating from the bushes that are the cause of the corner being blind.

Sitka, Alaska

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