Random Locations

Olson Road

Haunting in Rochester, Indiana

There is an old slaughterhouse on Olson Road between Old and New 31. It is off of the river. If you drive by sometimes you can see it and sometimes you cant. Its huge when you do see it so you know that when its gone...its really gone! If you get out of your car and try to walk to it you cant ...


Slonikers Mill

Arkansas Ghost Town

Don't know the earliest history, but the old sawdust piles were still around as late as the early 60's.One store was operated as late as the late 60's or maybe earliest 70's by Standish (Shorty) Young. The last operator of the store was J. D. Devazier. The location is 4 miles n...


Hornbine School

Haunting in Rehoboth, Massachusetts

When you look in the window, there is a woman teaching a class of about 25 kids, all of them dressed in nineteenth century clothing. The teacher will look at you and then they will all vanish. People that live nearby hear the teacher ringing her bell and voices coming from inside the school.



Kansas Ghost Town

A village in Decatur county, is located on the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy R. R. 10 miles east of Oberlin, the county seat. It has telegraph and express offices and a money order post office. The population in 1910 was 125. It is a trading and shipping point for the adjacent territory. The last pe...


The Blue room Blacksmith Shop, Leather belt power The Methodist Church of Kanona, Kansas. There is no long an entry road into this garage in Kanona. Here's another view of the blacksmith shop in the ghost town of Kanona.

Broken Bow Library/Old High School

Haunting in Broken, Oklahoma

On numerous occasions while closing the library in the evening several voices have been heard in the southeastern corner of the building. 

These sounds have been described as teenage or adult voices in heated arguments. Also heard were small children laughing and playing. During the time of hearing the voices there has been a cold chill in the air in that particular area of the building. 


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