Forgotten USA

Random Locations

Sauer "castle"

Haunting in Kansas City, Kansas

Now on the historical registry. The "story" goes that the owner left his wife to go off to war during the Civil war. She received a letter toward the end of the war from him stating that he would arrive on a particular ferry and to wait for him there. 

She went down to the river to await his arrival. When the last person departed the boat, she was so distraught, thinking that he had died, she went home and "hung" herself from what is known as the houses bell tower. It is actually just a "lookout" tower. Her husband had mi...

Prouty Mansion

Haunting in Spencer, Massachusetts

Maria Prouty was murdered here by her husband. The murder was ruled a suicide. The reason was found out years later. The story is long and complex with more twists and turns than most works of fiction. Read the book 'Deliver us From Evil' by two local couples who researched the crime f...


Gratis- Fudge Road

Haunting in West Alexandria, Ohio

Scary Old Road Located Just Outside Of Gratis... On The Road There Is The Site Of A Huge Drug Bust Where 2 Men Died.. They Still Haunt The Road... There is The Dwarf Home.. An old house with everything undersized rooms doors windows etc. The Fudge Best- White Human like beast that's been s...


1800's-1901. Payne, pa

New Mexico Ghost Town

Saw it I dream, located it on Internet only one time, I think the pop was approx 700 . Maybe rail or forestry possible coal. Saw pics also. May be near Pittsburg or so.


Performing Arts Center

Haunting in Oxnard, California

In the dressing rooms of the theater the doors will not stay closed (over night) and the lights will not stay off so they dont bother turning them off anymore. Some have reported feeling coldness there and talking in the green room.


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