Random Locations

Lemon's Park

Haunting in Pratt, Kansas

a man parked his car on the south end of the park and committed suicide, several kids were involved in a fatal car accident on the same end of the park, and satanic worship goes on in the woods on the south end of the park. the park is haunted, and VERY creepy at night!



Haunting in Independence, Kansas

LeHunt is an old abandoned cement plant outside of Independence, now in ruins. Also onsite is an old cemetery. The ruins are said to be haunted by the ghost of a worker who died there. There is also evidence that people have gathered there to perform some sort of magic rituals.


Old Highland Orphanage

Haunting in Highland Township, Michigan

The house at 311 East Livingston, Highland,MI has several ghosts.  It was previously a Home for Boys.  A red faced boy or a boy with a bloody face was seen often in the house in the upper floor. It would appear from the attic and bother the children that lived in the house.  As ...



Arkansas Ghost Town

Italian immigrants moved here and at one time the town had a train depot, general store, post office, school house. The town was destroyed by a massive flood in the 50's.

A few residents, take hwy 216 into Pleasant Valley. At the end of Pleasant Valley take a right up Wye mounta...


N. 17 highway

Haunting in West Plains, Missouri

A small bridge located north of West Plains is said to be haunted. If crossing the bridge at night during a rainstorm you stop your car and turn off your lights a child's head will appear next to your car asking for help to find his mother. Another place would be the Haunted Stop sign, said to have ...


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