Forgotten USA

Random Locations

Wentworth Military Academy- Soccer field

Haunting in Lexington, Missouri

Soccer field behind East barracksthere have always been reports of a band company seen there in the middle of the night, and if you saw it, you could hear cadence being played softly. The band would be in there barracks asleep every time this happened. And the instruments were all locked up the band...


The Elms

Haunting in Excelsior Springs, Missouri

The lap pool in the basement is actually haunted by a fully grown male. They've traced him back to the "speak easy" days when the mob liked to spend their time gambling in the hotel. In those days the lap pool was just a basement that consisted of blocked off rooms where the mafia could store liquor...


The Beaumont Hotel

Haunting in Beaumont, Kansas

The spirit of a murdered cowboy walks the top floor halls of this nineteenth century building.


The Beaumont Hotel.  Photo by Doris Hill

Bogue Homa Reservation

Haunting in Heidelberg, Mississippi

Reports of lights turning off and on doors slamming shut sounds of footsteps when the church is empty at night.


Sterling Road

Haunting in Blossvale, New York

A long unpaved road said to hear high pitched screaming in the distance. There is a lot of commotion when you stop in the middle of the road. Two gravestones located on a hill.


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