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Salinas High Bell Tower

Haunting in Salinas, California

It is reported from several students that a teenage girl from the age of 15-18 (believed to be named Jennifer)has been seen and heard looking for her boyfriend by the name of Adrian. It has been said that she has asked students to tell him goodbye for her.... then disappears.


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1981 Hamman Drive Troy, MI

Haunting in Troy, Michigan

Numerous eye witness accounts have been seen in this block of Hamman Drive in the city of Troy.  Witnesses have reported often seeing an old man who seemed to be wondering around in homes and the neighborhood. Historians have related these encounters to a roofer by the name of Paul who li...



Alaska Ghost Town

Not much left but Knik was once the landing/supply point for mines in the Talkeetna mts./Hatcher pass area it served Grubstake and Willow creek The town was founded around the turn of the century at an existing indian village. By 1915 it had about 500 white families. That year the Govt. began ...


Bright Hope Baptist Church

Haunting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sounds of unsettlement have been heard behind the church after everyone leaves the building.


Lake concord

Haunting in Plattsburg, Missouri

Every once in a while, the ghost of Lake Concord haunts the area. Long ago a boy drowned in the lake, and not discovered until the early 1950's. People have said that they can here a little boy screaming and yelling for help. He did this because no one was around when he was walking on the frozen l...


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