Forgotten USA

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West Virginia State Penitentary, Moundsville

Haunting in Moundsville, West Virginia

This facility was once one of the most violent jails that ever existed. It was condemned and shut down in 1995 and now claims to be the most paranormal site on the East Coast. This place is haunted by former inmates and in this place you can see lights going off and sometimes you can hear laug...


Nickerson grave yard

Haunting in Nickerson, Kansas

Reports of a gaudian spirit, sometimes looking like a woman, other times a strange light or a demon. The legend is if you have famiy burried there then you will never be harmed.

Location Approximate


Kansas State University -The Pi Kappa Phi frat

Haunting in Manhattan, Kansas

Haunted by a former frat boy, Duncan, who dies from a hazing incident.



Alaska Ghost Town

Skagway was the starting point of the great 1896 Klondyke gold rush. In three months it went from a single cabin to 15,000 residents. After the mining rush ended, the town dwindeled to its present day population of around 800 residents.

North end of the Inside Passage. Semi-Ghost.


railroad crossing on ab hwy.

Haunting in Elwood, Missouri

in the warm months a woman is seen getting up from the tracks and walking then staggering off of them but nobody can be found in the area . Believed to be a bartender who was hit by a train one night a few years ago. Also a rottwiler dog can be seen chasing a rabbit just past the tracks heading nort...


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