Forgotten USA

Random Locations

Highland park

Haunting in Brooklyn, New York

Ghostly apparitions of a woman and her child have been seen and have caused many auto accidents.


University of Central Missouri - Yeater Hall

Haunting in Warrensburg, Missouri

the oldest resident hall on campus, there is a long history of mysterious happenings. Residents have reported lights coming on in rooms unoccupied and locked, curtains opening on their own. One set of residents reported a commotion at their door one evening and footsteps above their room in a room t...


Curwensville High School Auditorium

Haunting in Curwensville, Pennsylvania

During late night theatre practices many have seen the reflection of an old man in pictures and windows when nobody else was there. His shadow is often seen in the lighting box. He is said to be the ghost of one of the men that were working on it when it was being built he fell off the scaffol...


Photo from the 1927 Echo, Curwensville High School Yearbook.

King Island

Alaska Ghost Town

The village was populatied by the Aseuluk. Who were known for carving ivory. Every summer the entire village would camp outside of Nome to sell their carvings. By 1950 fewer people were returning. By the 1970's cenus no one was on the island. Most live around Nome. Submitted by: Tom S...


The USS Salem

Haunting in Geneseo, Kansas

A ship haunted by many souls who lost their lives onboard. Shadow figures and full bodied apparitions of sailors have been seen. There is a surgery room where women died in childbirth and the sounds of women screaming can still be heard.


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