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Clifford Hotel

Haunting in Forest City, Pennsylvania

Submission from a site reader:

" I grew up near it, and know a bartender there (as well as people that live there). Something happened in the basement there, but I don't know what - I just know it's bad. Even the bartender wouldn't go in the basement alone.  


Ester Gold Camp

Alaska Ghost Town

I don't know the history of this gold camp, but was delighted with all the old buildings. also there is a "dry" campground on site.The old miners barracks have been restored to hotel rooms Submitted by: Tom St.Clair

Just a couple miles south of Fairbanks on the Pa...


Titan II Missile Silo(533-2)

Abandonment in El Dorado, Kansas

Number 2 of 18 Titan II Missile silos located around the Wichita area. These were in use in the cold war era and were decommisioned in the mid 80's due to the SALT treaty.


Old Salt Mine

Haunting in Lyons, Kansas

There is a lady in white who is said to haunt this salt mine and is looking for her child who got stolen and killed and her husband got killed in the old salt mine so if you go there at night you will see the lady in white.

Location Approximate



Alaska Ghost Town

Was the launching point for the Gold Rush. The popular picture of men traipsing up and down large hill taking their provisions was taken from Dyea. Many of the steamers taking people to the Gold Rush actually landed on the flats at Dyea.Submitted by: Dan Pearce

A small handfull of r...


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