Random Locations

Noland Road

Haunting in Branson, Missouri

Off Sycamore Church Road off 248 Hwy near Branson, the old trail used to pass by this road, near the old town of Garber. People have witness the imprints of saddle blankets and handprints in the dust on the backs of cars after driving this road.


Bright Hope Baptist Church

Haunting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sounds of unsettlement have been heard behind the church after everyone leaves the building.


Miss Gail's Inn

Haunting in Aztec, New Mexico

There are several ghosts. One is of a lady that floats down the stairs. We've personally experienced an old man in room #7 who's very cantankerous. There is also a tree in the back that was the site of a hanging.


Girl Scout camp

Haunting in Pevely, Missouri

As you first enter the gate to the camp, The fist set of tents you come to is to the left. Many years ago it was storming very bad one night one of the girls needed to a shower. So she walked to the shower house about 6 or 7 yards from the tents. In girl scouts you have to use the buddy system and s...


Glaser Road and State Park

Haunting in Sullivan, Missouri

There was a "mist" appeared to many teenagers in the late 50's and early 60's on Glaser Road. They nicknamed it the Blob. Also on the same road starting in the 60's and goes on today but only on occasion a light appears and dances around in the sky and sometimes on the road. Another light has been s...


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