Forgotten USA

Random Locations

Sauer "castle"

Haunting in Kansas City, Kansas

Now on the historical registry. The "story" goes that the owner left his wife to go off to war during the Civil war. She received a letter toward the end of the war from him stating that he would arrive on a particular ferry and to wait for him there. 

She went down to the river to await his arrival. When the last person departed the boat, she was so distraught, thinking that he had died, she went home and "hung" herself from what is known as the houses bell tower. It is actually just a "lookout" tower. Her husband had mi...

Kentwood - Velvet House

Haunting in Grand Rapids Charter Township, Michigan

A mother and young daughter can be heard talking to each other and to this day you can see the ghost of a cat hiding in corners and then quickly dashing off. Curtains move with no windows open. The attic door opens sporadically.


Apollo 1 Launch Complex 34

Haunting in Merritt Island, Florida

The old abandoned Launch Pad of the Apollo missions is believed to be haunted by the ghosts of the three astronauts that lost their lives in a tragic fire. When you are on the pad you get a weird feeling then at night when you enter some of the abandoned buildings if youre quiet you can hear s...


Hornbine School

Haunting in Rehoboth, Massachusetts

When you look in the window, there is a woman teaching a class of about 25 kids, all of them dressed in nineteenth century clothing. The teacher will look at you and then they will all vanish. People that live nearby hear the teacher ringing her bell and voices coming from inside the school.


Star School

Abandonment in Columbus, Kansas

One and Two-Room School Houses Dot Cherokee County Landscape

A sign on the front of the former Star School advertises it as the home of the Sheridan 4-H Club.  Near West Mineral, the building has a hand pump in front and the rusted frame of a swing set.  It, too, has two o...


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