Random Locations

Catholic Cemetery

Haunting in Bolivar, Missouri

Go south of Bolivar on 13Hwy turn right onto highway when you get to the tower with blinking lights you'll be at the cemetery. It's a pretty new cemetery cut into a hill but it's haunted by a black figure.



Montana Ghost Town

The Chichagof mines opened up in the late 1920's and lasted until the late 1950's.The town had a post office and many other businesses,it had a population of about 500. Submitted by: Shane Slater

No one lives in chichagof any more but there are many logging and mining c...


Performing Arts Center

Haunting in Oxnard, California

In the dressing rooms of the theater the doors will not stay closed (over night) and the lights will not stay off so they dont bother turning them off anymore. Some have reported feeling coldness there and talking in the green room.


Bridgewater State College- Shea-Durgin Hall -Room 228

Haunting in Bridgewater, Massachusetts

As an 18 year old girl enters the room from her weekend visiting home, a dreadful smell lingers in the room.  To her dismay she opened the closet to find her roomate, beaten and nude, dead on the floor.  There were bite marks present all over her body, as well as signs of rape.  ...


Kansas Department of Health and Environment

Haunting in Topeka, Kansas

at the KDHE there are said to be two different ghosts that haunt that place. George and Sam are their names and their stories are just about all other ghosts they died a horrible death and they can go till it avenged.


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