Forgotten USA

Random Locations

Louisburg Middle School

Haunting in Louisburg, Kansas

A young boy who attended the school years back had committed suicide due to being bullied. It is said that he roams the halls late in the night in search of revenge.


Crockett Post office

Haunting in Crockett, Virginia

There was a woman checking her mail late one night and was killed by a murder on the loose. She is said to be standing at the mail box at which she had owned with her back toward the entrance and when she turns around you can see the knife marks where the guy slit her throat. And on the annive...


Our Lady Of Sorrows School

Haunting in St. Louis, Missouri

1 person got killed in a fire. He would be in a room and doors would closed, hear footsteps when he is the only one in there. Had radio on and turned off by it self. Desk fell over in the room while he was cleaning.


"Crybaby's Bridge."

Haunting in Seanath, Missouri

There is a bridge over the river over on a road there. A long time ago, a farmer, his wife and his kid lived there. The dad was gone to town, and the mother was doing laundry. Her child had wandered out into the river. The mother heard her child crying and she herself couldn?t swim, but she jumped i...


Wentworth Military Academy - Marine Hall

Haunting in Lexington, Missouri

The showers come on by themselves and hear footsteps coming down the hall but nobody was there. Marine Hall is said to be haunted, but it was also off-limits to the cadets. A little boy is said to come out at night sometimes and salute the helicopter then disappear.


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