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Kansas Ghost Town

1882 it was called bulltown, then cowtown, finally ravanna. When ravanna lost the county seat most of the people moved away. Ravanna lost its post office in 1922. 

Submitted by: Chuck waynt

My grandfather, John Goodman was active in Ravana Kansas in the early days. My mother, now 100 years young and living in Caplinger Mills, Missouri, taught school in Ravana in 1918-19. Her name was Florence Blocher. She married my father, Roy Goodman, ...

Kemper Military School and College (closed down)- C barracks

Haunting in Boonville, Missouri

has footsteps that can be heard. During refurbishing, the footsteps could be heard, and when investigated, nothing found, even though there was dust and dirt on the floor, and foot prints would have been made, but no foot prints were found there.



Alabama Ghost Town

This area of the state is rich in timber. A large International Paper factory is to the north in the town of Maplesville. Stanton was likely also linked to forestry. Submitted by: Christopher Cuomo

Approximately 20 miles north of Selma, located on State Highway 22, just south o...


Stonewall Inn

Haunting in Overland Park, Kansas

The pizza parlor in the old Stonewall Inn is accepted by most as no less then haunted. The manager has reported many spooky occurrences after closing time. 

Every night after closing time when the manager is the only one left he locks himself in. He then sets about pushing tables to the back and stacking chairs after which he retires to his office for a smoke. More times then would probably be desired he comes back to find the tables pushed back o...

1st Baptist Church on Walnut Street

Haunting in Nevada, Missouri

It is considered one of the oldest structures in Nevada and it is in very poor condition. But, a few years ago it was used as the "Red Brick Playhouse" for community plays. It seems to be haunted by a former Janitor who wasn?t happy to share the place with the actors. While using the bathroom lights...


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