Random Locations

the witches gate

Haunting in Wichita Falls, Texas

in the 1950s there was a family that lived in a mansion and three men broke in and stole the jewelry and caught the house on fire but the father stopped the men and they all burned. About ten years ago some reporters went out there and they never came back.


Tryst Falls

Haunting in Excelsior Springs, Missouri

Many years ago, an African American woman drowned her baby to keep it from being exposed to slavery. At night sometimes you can hear the baby crying or see the apparition of the mother.


Old 94 Bridge

Haunting in Jefferson City, Missouri

The second bridge on Old 94 highway is hard to find, but does exist. Local rumor has it that during the Civil War, an entire family of white abolitionists were hung on the bridge, including their young twin son and daughter, who were no more than 7 or 8. Sounds of screaming can be heard, as well as ...


Old "houn dawg" rendering plant

Haunting in Springfield, Missouri

A former employee of the plant who was killed in a workplace accident is known to turn lights on and off, and is a nuisance to the businesses that occupy the building now by tossing paper and rubbish around.


Shad Pond Factory ruins

Haunting in Rehoboth, Massachusetts

A man in dark clothes is seen walking through the area. Orbs of white light have been seen in the woods. People have had a strange sense of terror when they walk past the stone wall ruins like something doesn't want them there.


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